The aim of JEM is the relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public, in particular but not exclusively amongst people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, Eastern European migrants, refugees, individuals with mental and physical health conditions and the long term unemployed living in Derby, by the provision of advice and training  concerning employment, job search and job club facilities and employability and skills workshops aimed at equipping and preparing individuals to enter or re-enter the labour market, voluntary work or further education.

First, JEM received Big Lottery grant (April 2014 – February 2015) to deliver employability skills programme focusing on members of BME community who are not in employment, education or training (NEETS) to improve future education, training and employment prospects. Ninety three learners were registered. Of these, 5 found employment, 2 in voluntary work, 7 in further education, the remainder made a steady progress and are nearer the labour market. The project helped improve the confidence and self-esteem of all learners, and has thus improved the life chances of all the learners.

During the same period, JEM received a grant from Foundation Derbyshire which was used mainly to publicise and promote the work of JEM

Second, JEM provided mentoring support to participants of an ESF funded project – Refugee Employability Support Project, to help improve their confidence and self-esteem between May and October 2014; and also provided technical support to project workers. The project helped 24 people. Of these, 10 found full-time employment, 4 in part-time employment, 4 transferred to other training providers and 6 were seeking employment.

Third, JEM received ESF funding (March 2015-July 2015). Fourteen learners were helped. Of these, 2 found employment, 2 are doing voluntary work, and 10 are in further education. The project has helped improve the confidence, self-esteem and employability skills of all participants..

Ethnic background: Two Caribbean; 2 Pakistani; 10 Africans.

 Comments of Participants (relating to the benefits of the programme)

‘‘They provided excellent tuition. I now have the ability to apply for jobs and write CVs and Covering letters. I would recommend the JEM Project to other people seeking employment’.’

‘’I have learnt computer skills, and the group sessions were very helpful’’.

‘’I have really enjoyed the computer training, the support provided plus my presentation and language skills have improved, and I feel confident and positive about getting back into employment’’

How did this ESF funding benefit your organisation?

The funding has enabled JEM to publicise and market its services widely in the training and support community as well as the wider community. It has thus enabled JEM to provide employability skills training, and has facilitated the take up of employment, volunteering or further learning opportunities for participants.

Comments of Partner Organisations e.g. Job Centre Plus

There were no referrals from Jobcentre Plus despite meeting with advisers, inclusion of JEM on their list of approved suppliers, providing leaflets and marketing materials as well as follow up phone calls.

All the participants recruited to the project were due to JEM’s publicity and marketing strategy including word of mouth.

Additionally, JEM’s website was set up in August 2014, and achieved Charity Status in September 2014.

2014 – 15 has been a very busy and productive year as JEM has helped over 131 people.

Any other Comments?

JEM’s Board are grateful to be given the opportunity to help improve the life chances of project participants.


2016 started positively with two exciting projects:

With a grant from Foundation Derbyshire, the first project, ‘’Digital Inclusion Project’’,aims to provide basic computer skills to enable older people, refugees and asylum seekers to acquire computer skills such as word processing, email, internet and generally feel more confident when using a computer.

The second project, “Job Search and Interview Techniques Project’’which is funded by Awards for All, will provide employability skills training to help unemployed people improve their future education, training and employment prospects. The project will help learners to acquire a range of skills including: job search skills, writing CVs and covering letters, applying for jobs on line, interview techniques, employers’ recruitment and interview processes as well as help to improve confidence and inter personal skills.

To download the 2016 annual report please click here

To download the 2017 annual report please click here


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