For Unemployed People:

JEM has a proven record of delivering skills training and mentoring support to help unemployed people obtain work.


Services provided by JEM include helping people to:

  • identify their work-based/transferrable skills, and relevant experience;

  • identify the industries and employers who may need their skills and experience;

  • prepare CVs and cover letters;

  • understand the different ways to job search;

  • register on the Universal Job Match website

  • prepare for interviews, including mock interviews;

  • understand employers recruitment and selection processes;

  • understand the importance of networking.

  • one-to-one mentoring and support;


For Community and Voluntary Organisations

JEM can assist you and your managers to enhance your management skills to enable you deliver even better services to the community you serve. Workshops include:

  • People management

  • Equality and Diversity Management

  • Managing Change

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Management



The following is feedback from people who have used JEM’s services:

‘I have been to courses offering the same kind of things as JEM project, but this is different, it is Zen in its approach (ie. extremely relaxed and collected).

‘The approach is refreshing, structured and friendly’.

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I feel confident and positive about getting back into employment’.

‘Personally, I have gained huge amounts of confidence and renewed vigour in looking for permanent employment’.


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